Siberian Husky Coat and Grooming

Siberian Husky Coat and Grooming

The Siberian Husky is a comparatively easy dog to care for. He is by nature fastidiously clean and is typically free from body odor and parasites. Siberians clean themselves like cats. In fact, a Siberian that becomes soiled with mud will clean himself up. Therefore, bathing requirements are minimal.  Most owners bathe their dogs once per year or less.

Twice a year, Siberians blow their undercoats, that is, they shed their undercoats completely. It is a very intense shedding period that can last three weeks or more from start to finish. The good news is that this only happens twice a year. The shedding period can be rather messy. The hair comes out in large and small clumps. It should be noted, however, that because this is Florida, it has been noticed that shedding can be year round. Other than during coat-blowing season, the Siberian needs very little grooming. No trimming or shaving of hair is required or recommended. Just occasional brushing to remove dead hair and keep the coat fresh and shiny is required.

Some Florida Husky owners think they are doing a favor by shaving their dogs. When in reality, they may are harming the dog. In the Florida summer, when the Huskies shed their undercoat, the topcoat provides protection from harmful UV sunrays. Shaving your husky, can cause a heatstroke – the topcoat keeps him cool as well.

Breed Characteristics:

  • Size: Medium
  • Avg. Min. Height: 20in
  • Avg. Max Height: 24in
  • Avg. Weight: Females 35-40lbs; Males 60-65lbs
  • Appearance: Compact, powerful body with smooth, effortless motion.
  • Coat & Color: Straight, thick, smooth, medium-length coat with a soft undercoat, air on the tail. All colors, shading from white to black.
  • Head: Slightly rounded skull with a gently tapered muzzle; almond-shaped, brown, blue (or both) eyes; erect, high, triangular, rounded ears.
  • Tail: Long, curved, carried over the back.
  • Avg. Age Span: 10-14 years