14 reasons why husky should be illegal

1. They’re not cute as puppies…

cute puppies husky men

2. They never cuddle their elders…

husky puppy play fun

3. They just look like mini teddy bears. Not cute at all!

cute husky puppy pics

4. A Husky pup learning to howl could NEVER melt your heart.

5. Husky puppy taking a nap with his stuffed penguin. Not cute at all!

puppy sleep cute

6. They don’t like snow…

puppy snow winter fun

7. They are not adorable…

pics husky puppy

8. Just staring…

cute puppies stare

9. Teddy Bears? Who likes Teddy Bears…

cute husky puppy photo

10. The Siberian Husky is not the breed for everyone… Is the Siberian Husky for you?

siberian husky puppy

11. This baby husky is not pretty cute…

cute puppy eyes face

12. Oh the world outside is frightful, but these cuties are not so delightful…

cute puppy husky face eyes look

13. They are not the most adorable dogs EVER!

cute funny puppy pics image

14. Wow, what beautiful eyes… Do you think these eyes are beautiful?

cute puppy eyes pics